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Welcome to Daymaker Gift Box!


Let me introduce myself! My name is Nikki Orton, I am a mom to 2 amazing young men, Brody and Ashton. Brody has begun his career in real estate and is really loving it. Ashton is a senior in high school and plans to continue his education and basketball career in college. I am married to Scott, he handles all the not so exciting things in our business like the books, lucky me!

I started my first business at the age of 27 out of the basement of my home. This gift basket business quickly grew to an 11,000 square foot warehouse with as many as 25 employees. I have since sold this business and have enjoyed starting another business with the primary product being custom socks and gifts. This business has exploded over the last 6 years. However the desire to create meaningful gifts to make someone’s day is truly what inspires me. This is how Daymaker Gift Box came to be, I want people to experience the gift of giving as well as treating themselves to something special every month.

Being a Daymaker is something we all can do and I want to help make it happen especially in these trying times.